Amenities along the Tamiami Trail (U.S. 41) between Naples and Miami

ROGG Map 2019


--  Entire road is 2-lane with high speed traffic and narrow bridges
--  Miles are # miles from Collier Blvd (951) in Naples to Krome Ave in Miami
--  Trailheads have parking & toilets (no drinking water).  Visitor Centers have drinking water.
--  summer conditions: be wary of thunderstorms in the afternoons

West (updated January 2019)

-- On US 41, 3-mile section closest to Collier Blvd. was 6-laned in 2015. Bike lanes and multi-use pathways were included in project. Caution: on the north side, narrow walkway used mostly for pedestrians.

-- the 2-mile gap between Greenway and 6L Farm Roads is the “missing link” for a separated pathway which is scheduled to be constructed as funding becomes available and the road section is widened to 4 lanes

-- the 2.3 mile separated multi-use pathway on the south side from 6L Farms Road to San Marco Road (CR92), just west of Collier Seminole State Park, was completed October 2016. There is a jog back onto US41 at the Alexander-Cameron Canal bridge so be cautious about sharing the road.

-- CR92 (to Marco) has no shoulder; traffic volume low; high speed; be cautious of trucks hauling wide boat trailers; traffic volume higher on weekends and in winter season.

-- miles 8-14 raised pavement markers (RPMs) in the shoulders approaching the narrow bridges between CR92 and Port of the Islands can be hazardous to cyclists.

-- miles 14-25 (between Port of the Islands and SR29) was resurfaced early 2016. Newly resurfaced shoulders are great.

-- miles 25-31 paved shoulder (4 ft) is sometimes rough; Narrow bridges. CAUTION.

Central (updated January 2019)

-- Hwy 29 north to Immokalee & south to Everglades City has wide shoulder

-- long distances between water/food sources. Water, soda, snacks for sale at Visitor Centers (mile 27.5, mile 46); they close at 5 pm.

-- Trail Lakes Campground (mile 29.5) also has water, soda, snacks AND ice cream.

-- pavement shoulders widened to 4 ft throughout ROGG-central in 2013. ...bikeable (yeah! -- thanks FDOT).

-- alternative route (mile 42 & mile 60.6) is Loop Rd. Western portion is packed limerock, possibly rough with puddles in summer wet season; skinny tires NOT recommended; Eastern portion paved.

East (updated January 2019)

-- miles 56-60 resurfaced in 2014; miles 60-64 resurfaced in 2017; 4 ft wide shoulders; raised pavement markers when approaching narrow bridges were re-installed with resurfacing of road; can be hazardous to cyclists. CAUTION at narrow bridges.

-- construction of the two new bridges was completed December 2018; however, work continues to remove the old roadway; take caution when approaching and leaving the bridges since there are concrete barriers blocking the shoulders.

-- lane closures: widening operations will take place between 8 am and 5 pm with intermittent lane closures; flaggers will direct traffic one direction at a time

-- cyclists are encouraged to call 511 or log onto to get real-time traffic and lane closure information. For additional information contact Construction Public Information Specialist Heather M. Leslie at 305-905-5876 or email

-- 1-mile bridge opened in 2014. It has 10-ft paved shoulders; be cautious of drainage grates.   Alternative route is rough gravel road on levee north of highway. note: access to levee road only at Mile 61, 66 (foot bridge), 71.

-- Krome Avenue - Construction project to widen the road began in February 2015 and has been completed with  a separated pathway (on east side) for 8.5 miles south of US41; be aware of continued construction activity south to Homestead. For information about segments under construction, visit website

•  see mileage chart for more precise distances between facilities


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